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  • The City Business club has been formed to create an association of business within the London region.
  • The club will have the key aim of helping SME’s grow their business and to allow larger organisations to benefit from the innovation of smaller businesses  
  • It is intended that the club will be a not for profit organisation and will therefore charge a minimal fees to members shown below. Meetings will be on a bi-monthly basis and will cover important topics aimed at helping businesses growth. And there will always be an opportunity for members to briefly outline their business proposition in order to attract potential customers. 
  • Fees individual members £100 per annum, guests  and non members £20 per meeting. small companies with up to 100 employees £250 allowing 5 attendees per meeting. Large companies £500 per annum allowing 10 attendees per meeting.


  • check out our event on application resilience below

Our associates


The club has been founded by a few interested businesses in London with the aim of helping businesses meet their challenges.    We have recruited a number of specialists in their field to work with the club and provide guidance to members across a wide variety of relevant subjects.          

A club for the members


This club has been formed with the members in mind and therefore your input is highly valued, we believe that not only will it be informative but allow members to network with other business in the city. It will form a platform whereby members will be given the opportunity to briefly outline their offerings and hence find new customers.

The founding principles of the club are as follows


  • To Deliver Knowledge and pragmatic advice to assist with growth and how to address business challenges
  • To promote the skills and capabilities of its members within the community
  • To facilitate introductions to potential partners , customers and suppliers
  • To provide a forum whereby smaller innovative businesses can collaborate with larger businesses to create solutions
  •  To promote members to larger businesses that exist within the London ecosystem

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